What is an Unresponsive Transponder alert?

An Unresponsive Transponder alert is thrown when one of your asset’s toll transponder is malfunctioning.

Toll Collection Context

Occasionally, a toll transponder installed in your asset may become defective due to age, damage, etc.

Toll agencies collect tolls by reading the toll transponder installed in an asset. If the transponder does not read, for any reason, the agency will capture an image of the asset’s license plate, find the asset in a state or proprietary database, and issue an invoice for the toll. This toll invoice, known as a license plate toll (LPT), may appear on your regular electronic toll invoice or mailed as a physical letter.

Because LPTs take more time and resources to issue, they are typically 25% more expensive than transponder tolls. Regional premiums vary for LPTs.

Unresponsive Transponder Alert

The Unresponsive Transponder alert will be triggered if tollogic™ finds that an asset’s toll transponder is no longer being read at any tolling facility. tollogic™ monitors all tolling activity on subscribed vehicles, including LPTs.

Next Action

Please ensure the transponder is installed correctly inside the asset. Mounting instructions for the toll transponder are found on the issuing agency’s website.

If the transponder is mounted properly, you may consider replacing the asset’s transponder by contacting the issuing agency and ordering a new device. After receiving the new device, please update the relevant transponder details for the asset in tollogic™.

Update Information of an Asset


Click the Details tab on the Fleet popup modal.

To update a value in a field, replace the existing value with new value either by selecting an option from the dropdown or entering a value manually, depending on the options available in each field.

Click the Save button in the bottom-right corner after making the changes.

Note: You may not have the permission to edit all fields.