What is an Exact Duplicate alert?

An Exact Duplicate alert is thrown when one of your assets receives two charges for one toll at the exact same time and location.

Toll Collection Context

Toll agencies collect tolls by reading the toll transponder installed in an asset. If the transponder does not read, for any reason, the agency will capture an image of the asset’s license plate, find the asset in a state or proprietary database, and issue an invoice for the toll. This toll invoice, known as a license plate toll (LPT), may appear on your regular electronic toll invoice or mailed as a physical letter.

Occasionally a toll agency may bill an additional charge in error, resulting in two duplicate charges for one toll. Duplicate charges can be caused for two reasons: (1) a toll receiver reads a toll transponder twice and charges the toll twice, or (2) a toll receiver reads the toll transponder properly and charges a transponder toll, but an LPT is also issued.

Please keep the toll transponder and license plate together on every asset to prevent license plate tolls and toll mismatches. If a transponder or license plate needs to be moved or removed, please update all relevant details within tollogic™ and your toll manager.

Exact Duplicate Alert

When an asset is charged twice for the same toll at the same time and location, tollogic™ triggers an Exact Duplicate alert. Exact Duplicates are automatically found when you upload a toll document.

Next Action

You may consider disputing the charges by contacting your toll manager or the toll agency responsible.