What is a Vehicle Misclassification alert?

A Vehicle Misclassification alert is thrown when one of your assets has been read improperly by a toll gantry and charged for a toll at a different vehicle class.

Toll Collection Context

Toll agencies collect tolls by reading the toll transponder installed in an asset. If the transponder does not read, for any reason, the agency will capture an image of the asset’s license plate, find the asset in a state or proprietary database, and issue an invoice for the toll. This toll invoice, known as a license plate toll (LPT), may appear on your regular electronic toll invoice or mailed as a physical letter.

Please keep the toll transponder and license plate together on every asset to prevent license plate tolls and toll mismatches. If a transponder or license plate needs to be moved or removed, please update all relevant details within tollogic™ and your toll manager.

Toll Rates

For almost every toll road in the U.S., the toll rate is based on the vehicle class. A tractor-trailer with 5 axles will be charged at a higher rate than a service vehicle with 2 axles. Occasionally a toll collection gantry may charge an asset at a different toll rate than expected. This is typically due to some discrepancy made while processing the toll, and the asset may have been misclassified as a larger vehicle.

Maximum Toll Alert

If the actual toll amount on a toll document is higher than the GPS-calculated amount that tollogic™ expects, a Vehicle Misclassification alert will be thrown. The tollogic™ application will only show tolls that were overcharged. If a vehicle was misread at a lower class, and charged for a lower toll than expected, tollogic™ will not alert the customer.

Next Action

You may consider disputing the charge by contacting your toll manager or the toll agency responsible.