What is a Maximum Toll alert?

A Maximum Toll alert is thrown when one of your assets is charged the maximum amount for using a toll facility.

Toll Collection Context

Toll agencies collect tolls by reading the toll transponder installed in an asset. If the transponder does not read, for any reason, the agency will capture an image of the asset’s license plate, find the asset in a state or proprietary database, and issue an invoice for the toll. This toll invoice, known as a license plate toll (LPT), may appear on your regular electronic toll invoice or mailed as a physical letter.

Please keep the toll transponder and license plate together on every asset to prevent license plate tolls and toll mismatches. If a transponder or license plate needs to be moved or removed, please update all relevant details within tollogic™ and your toll manager.

Electronic Toll Collection

Tolls are collected using two main methods: open toll collection and closed toll collection.

A toll road that requires travelers to pay at one or more mainline barrier toll gantries is known as an open toll system. Traditionally, travelers have to stop to pay a toll at a barrier, however, toll agencies are increasingly switching to an all-electronic tolling system which allows travelers to continue driving through a toll barrier while the transponder inside their vehicle is automatically read.

A closed toll system, on the other hand, charges a toll based on the distance traveled rather than the barriers traveled through. Travelers instead collect a ‘ticket’ when entering the toll road, then upon exit, the traveler pays the toll amount for the distance traveled on the toll road. Because of this, an asset’s toll transponder must read an entry and exit point to collect a toll for the distance traveled. If an asset uses a closed toll system, that is distance-based, and an entry is detected but no exit, the toll agency may charge the asset the maximum amount to use the toll road.

Maximum Toll Alert

A Maximum Toll alert will be thrown when one of your assets has been charged the maximum amount for using a closed toll system. This is typically due to the asset’s toll transponder not reading upon exiting the toll road. The toll agency, therefore, cannot determine the distance this asset has traveled and has charged the maximum amount to use the toll road.

Next Action

You may consider disputing the charge by contacting your toll manager or the toll agency responsible.