What are toll transponders?

Toll transponders are radio frequency ID emitters used for electronic toll collection.

The devices used to collect toll transactions electronically are known as ‘toll transponders’, ‘toll tags’, ‘or 'toll devices’. These devices are powered by battery and use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to pay tolls.

Toll transponders typically come in the form of a small device installed in a vehicle transmitting a radio frequency. Whenever the vehicle passes through a toll booth, a receiver captures the transponder ID to charge the toll. The toll amount is then deducted from the accounts associated with these toll transponders.

These electronic toll devices or passes are sometimes known by their brand names such as E-ZPass, SunPass, K-Tag, FasTrak, PikePass, etc.

Electronic toll collection (ETC) with transponders provides faster and easier toll transaction processing. Because of this, ETC is the preferred way of collecting tolls for agencies and municipalities, and in many states, a vehicle without the appropriate toll device will pay tolls with a premium.

View Tag/Transponder Information


The information related to toll transponder devices can be updated on the Fleet page of tollogic™.

Using the scroll-bar below the table on the Fleet page, scroll right to locate the tag/transponder related columns including:

  • Tag Type shows the name of the transponder device (e.g. SunPass, TxTag, I-Pass, etc.)
  • Issuing Agency shows the name of the organization responsible for issuing the Tag Type (e.g. Florida DOT, Texas DOT, Illinois Tollway, etc.)
  • Tag/Transponder shows the device's alphanumeric ID.

Note: You may need to click the Show/Hide Columns button in order to show the relevant columns.

View Tag/Transponder Information in the Details Window


Hover over any one of the asset rows on the Fleet table and click. A window with four tabs, viz. Details, Trips, History, and Alerts will appear on the screen. The Details section is the default screen of the window which displays the information related to all transponders/tags of the selected asset.

Toll Consolidator Transponders

Third-party toll consolidators may use one parent tag with multiple child tags associated. The parent tag is the device inside the asset and details are added during onboarding. The remaining child tags are determined by tollogic™ through toll documents uploaded. BestPass, PrePass, and Verra Mobility are toll consolidators that will show as Issuing Agencies, and their default Tag Type is third-party.