How do I view the Trips page?

The Trips page allows you to view details of tolled trips made by your assets in tabular form.

Navigate to Trips

To view asset trip information, click the Trips tab in the top navigation menu.

View Trips


The Trips page includes filters for sorting your assets' trips by date, trip details, and vehicle details. Click any trip row to view the route and all trip details on the right.

Each of your assets' trips is posted here with the following fields:

  • Vehicle Name displays an asset’s name pulled from Geotab.

  • License Plate displays both the state and number associated with an asset’s license plate.

  • Start Point is the GPS address where a trip started.

  • End Point is the GPS address where a trip ended.

  • Start Date shows the date and time when the trip started.

  • End Date shows the date and time when the trip ended.
  • Trip Distance is shown in miles.

  • Trip Duration is shown in days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

  • GPS Calculated Tolls is the summation of all tolls calculated by tollogic™ using GPS data.

  • Vehicle Axles specifies the number of axles for the asset that completed the trip.

  • Tag Type shows the manufacturer of the toll transponder inside the asset.

  • Trip ID is a unique ID generated by tollogic™.

  • GPS Reliability is a rating based on the number of times the GPS telematics device is successfully pinged per minute and per kilometer. If the GPS telematics device onboard an asset is not read frequently enough per minute or per kilometer, the trip will have a "LOW" GPS Reliability rating.

Customize Table View

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 10.14.39 AM

To show, hide or rearrange the fields, click Show/Hide Columns in the top-right corner of the table. The Change Table View window will appear for you to customize the visibility and order of each field.

To hide or show a field in the table, click the toggle button to the left of the field name. The button will turn green when the field is enabled. Use Select All and Deselect All to enable or disable all fields respectively.

To rearrange fields, hover over the six dots on the right then click and hold to drag the field up or down. Click Set to default to restore the default table arrangement.

Click Done to save any changes or Cancel to close without saving.

Filter Trips by Time Period

To filter trips made by your assets based on a particular time frame, use the Trip Start Date From and Trip Start Date To fields to select a time period.

Click Reset Calendar to clear these fields, or the X icon next to either date to delete it individually.

Note: The start and end times of all trips are with respect to the local time zone of the individual asset that made the trip.

Filter Trips by Details

Use the column header search bars and the Enter or Return key to search for trips with specific details.

You can also view the details of a vehicle or a set of vehicles by selecting the checkbox next to a vehicle name. For selecting all the vehicles, select the checkbox next the Vehicle Name column header.

Removing Filters

To remove all the filters, click X at the far right of the filters section.

To remove individual filters, click X in the respective search box.

View More Trips on a Single Page

You can view more trips (in the range of 10 to 150) on a single page.

Click the Show by box in the bottom-right corner and select the number of trips from the dropdown to display the desired amount.

View Trips on Different Pages

You can navigate to a different page by clicking either a page number or the single arrow > in the bottom-left corner of the table.

Export Trips Table

You can download the Trips table in an Excel file and store it on your computer to access and view it offline.

Select the trips you would like to export, then click Export to download and XLSX file to your computer.

Export Detail Data will download an XLSX file with each toll for all selected trips. In addition to any other enabled columns, this export option will always include the following fields:

  • Toll Plaza Date/Time is the date and time when the toll occurred.

  • Toll Plaza is the name of the toll gantry where the toll was incurred.

  • GPS Calculated Tolls is the toll amount calculated by tollogic™ using GPS data.

  • Trip ID is a unique ID generated by tollogic™.

Note: Only fields enabled in the Change Table View menu will be exported