How do I view the Toll Transactions page?

The Toll Transactions page shows details of all toll transactions charged by your assets. You can view actual tolls and GPS tolls calculated by tollogic™.

Navigate to Toll Transactions


To view toll transactions, click the Toll Transactions tab in the top menu.

View Toll Transactions


The Toll Transactions page includes filters for sorting your assets' toll transactions by date, toll details, and vehicle details. 

Each of your assets' toll transactions is posted here with the following fields:

  • Status displays the matching status of the toll and whether it has been mapped to a corresponding GPS-calculated toll.

  • Toll Agency displays the name of the authority responsible for charging the toll.

  • Plaza displays the name of the toll plaza where the toll was charged.

  • Facility displays the name of the roadway, bridge, or tunnel where the toll was charged.

  • License Plate displays both the license plate state and number associated with the asset responsible for charging a toll.

  • Tag/Transponder shows the device ID of the toll transponder associated with an asset's license plate.

  • Amount displays the amount incurred.

  • Fee displays the transaction type (TOLL, VIOLATION, SERVICE FEE, etc.)

  • Fee Subtype displays more information related to the transaction type.
  • Transaction Date displays the date on which a toll transaction took place.

  • Upload Date displays the date on which the toll transaction details were uploaded.

  • Transaction ID displays the unique identification of a toll transaction.

Note: The transaction date and time of toll charged to your vehicles are recorded as per the local time zones of the vehicle during a trip. Therefore, the toll statement will reflect the local time and date of your vehicle while crossing a toll plaza.

View Toll Switch


You can choose to view Actual Tolls extrapolated from toll documents uploaded, or GPS Tolls calculated by tollogic™ with telematics.

Use the switch near the top right of the table to change which tolls are showing.

Customize Table View


To show, hide, or rearrange the fields in table view, click Show/Hide Columns in the top-right corner of the table. The Change Table View window will appear for you to customize the order and visibility of each field.

To rearrange the fields, click and hold the six dots on the right side of the field, then drag the field up or down.

To hide or show a field in the table, click the rectangular toggle button to the left of the field name. The button will turn green when the field is selected, otherwise it will turn red.

Click Set to default to restore default the default table view settings.

Click Done to save any changes.

Filter Transactions by Time Period


To view information about toll transactions related to your assets for a particular time period, use the Document Date From and Document Date To fields to select a time frame.

Click Reset Calendar to clear these fields, or the X icon next to either date to delete it individually.

Filter Toll Transactions by Details


Type in the search bar at the top of any column, then press the Enter or Return key to filter the table based on your entries.

To remove individual filters, click X in the respective search box.

View More Transactions on a Single Page


You can view more transactions (in the range of 10 to 150) on a single page.

Click the Show by box in the bottom-right corner and select the number of transactions from the dropdown to display the desired amount.

View Transactions on Different Page


You can navigate to a different page by clicking either a page number or the single arrow > in the bottom-left corner of the table.

Export Transactions Data


Click Export in the top-right corner of the table and the data will be downloaded to your local system in an Excel file.

Note: Only fields enabled in the Change Table View menu will be exported.