How do I view more details for an asset?

You can view all details by clicking on any row from the Fleet table.

View More Details of an Asset


Hover over any one of the fields of an asset on the Fleet table and click. A window with four tabs, viz. Details, Trips, History, and Alerts will appear on the screen. The Details section is the default screen of the window.

You can view the following details of a particular asset:

  • Vehicle Class shows the asset’s classification from 1 to 13.

  • License Plate State displays the state associated with the asset’s license plate.

  • License Plate Number displays number associated with the asset’s license plate.

  • VIN is the asset’s vehicle information number.

  • Vehicle Type will display TRUCK for all tractor trailers, and AUTO for all passenger and service vehicles.

  • Weight displays the weight of the vehicle

  • Height displays the height of the vehicle

  • Vehicle Axles specifies the number of axles for the asset.

  • Date of Creation shows when the vehicle was added to MyGeotab.

  • Device Plan shows the Geotab device plan inside the asset.

  • Billing Status shows the asset’s tollogic™ subscription status.

  • Billing Status Updated At shows when the asset’s subscription status was changed.

  • Tag/Transponder shows the device ID of the toll transponder.

  • Issuing Agency shows the issuer of the toll transponder.

  • Tag Type shows the manufacturer of the toll transponder inside the asset.

Click Save after making any changes

You can click the X in the top right corner to close the window at any time.

View Billing Status of an Asset


All vehicles that have been enrolled to tollogic™ services are placed under the category “Subscribed”, while other vehicles that are unenrolled, are placed under the category “Unsubscribed”.

Subscribed: Includes all vehicles that have been subscribed and are being billed every month for tollogic™ services. These vehicles were selected for the services during the customer onboarding process.

Unsubscribed: Includes all vehicles that were unsubscribed during the customer onboarding process.

If a vehicle under the “Unsubscribed” category is found to be involved in a tolling activity, then it is automatically subscribed to tollogic™ services under the ongoing subscription.

Note: The Account Admin is notified of any asset subscription status changes.

View Trips Information of an Asset


To view information related to all the trips made by an asset, click Trips and it will display the list of all the trips by the asset.

Click a trip from the list to view the start and end dates of the trip.

You can also view detailed information about a trip by clicking the trip icon next to that trip to open the trip window.

View History of Edits to an Asset


Click History to view information about all the updates and edits made to assets in the details section.

It offers the following information:

  • Old values

  • Updated values

  • Date and time of change

  • Username of who made the change

View Toll Transaction Alerts for an Asset


Click Alerts to view information about each alerts triggered by the selected asset. To view more information, click on the arrow to the left of any alert.

Each alert displays the following information about different types of alerts based on toll transactions of an asset:

  • Reason for alert (e.g. Incorrect Plate on Vehicle)

  • Name of the Vehicle

  • Date and time when alert sent

  • Description of the alert

  • Action to be taken by the customer

You can also view detailed information about the trip that triggered the alert by clicking the map icon next to the alert’s timestamp.