How do I view more details of a toll transaction?

You can view the full details of a toll transaction by clicking any row from the Toll Transaction table

Navigate to Toll Transactions


To view all toll transactions, click the Toll Transactions tab in the top menu.

View More Details of a Toll Transaction


To view more details about a toll transaction in a separate window, hover over any one of the table rows and click. The Details window will appear on the screen..

You can view the following details of a particular toll transaction:

  • Toll Agency displays the name of tollway authority.

  • Plaza displays the name of the toll plaza.

  • Facility displays the name of the roadway, bridge, or tunnel where the toll was incurred.

  • License Plate State displays the state associated with an asset’s license plate.

  • License Plate Number displays number associated with an asset’s license plate.

  • Transaction Date displays the date on which a toll transaction took place.

  • Upload Date displays the date on which the toll transaction details were uploaded.

  • Toll displays toll charged by an agency for a vehicle at a plaza on the day of transaction.

  • Fee displays the transaction type.

  • Tag/Transponder shows the device ID of the toll transponder.

  • Axle Count specifies the number of axles for the asset.

  • Vehicle Class shows the asset’s classification from 1 to 13.

Click X or the Done button to close the window.

Note: The transaction date and time of toll charged to your vehicles are recorded as per the local time zones of the vehicle during a trip. Therefore, the toll statement will reflect the local time and date of your vehicle while crossing a toll plaza.