How do I view all details for a trip?

You can view full details for a trip by clicking any row in the Trips table.

Navigate to Trips

To view trip information, click the Trips tab in the top navigation menu.

View Trip Panel


From the Trips table, click on any row to display the trip information panel on the right. This panel helps users easily view and assess any trip, including the tolls associated with it, and the trip route on a map.


View Trip Route

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 9.33.49 AM copy

The Route accordion shows the selected trip path and details. To zoom in or out, press and hold the CTRL key (CMD on Mac) and scroll on the map.

Roads in blue indicate the Actual route taken by your asset, and roads in purple indicate the Alternative route suggested by tollogic™.

View the Actual Trip

The Actual trip is the real route taken by an asset. Trip start and end pins are in green and red respectively.

Additionally, you can view the following details below the map corresponding to the Actual trip:

  • Tolls shows the total amount of all tolls taken by the asset.
  • Duration of the trip in hours (h) and minutes (m).
  • Distance of the trip in miles (mi).
  • Net Present Value of Time Spent (NPVT Spent) shows the cost of each minute while traveling on a toll road.
    • A positive NPVT indicates time was saved by taking the tolled Actual route compared to the no-toll alternative route. The value of each minute saved by taking thee tolled Actual route is shown.
    • A negative NPVT indicates time was lost by taking the tolled Actual route, meaning it took more time to take the tolled route versus the no-toll Alternative route. The value of each excess minute is shown.

What is Net Present Value of Time?

If a toll road doesn't save you time, why bother? The NPVT allows you to make a quick judgement on the efficiency of your tolled routes and whether they are saving you time.

NPVT is first calculated by finding the time saved by taking a tolled route. This is calculated by taking the difference in travel time between the Alternative (no toll) trip and the Actual (tolled) trip. A positive difference indicates that time was saved by taking the tolled route, while a negative difference indicates that time was lost by taking a tolled route. The difference between the travel time is then divided by the actual toll amount to find the worth of each minute while taking a tolled route. As such, a positive NPVT shows how much money the asset spent for every minute saved. On the other hand, a negative NPVT shows how much money the asset spent for every additional minute that could have been saved by taking the non-tolled Alternative route.

View the Alternative Trip

If the toll roads along a route are not saving you time, then it may be worth avoiding those toll roads. tollogic™ automatically suggests a possible Alternative route with no tolls to save time and money.

The Alternative trip has the same start and end points as the Actual trip, however the Alternative trip will always have no tolls. You can use the Alternative trip suggested by tollogic™ to compare your tolled Actual route to a non-tolled route.

You can also view the following details corresponding to the Alternative trip below the Route map:

  • Duration of the trip in hours (h) and minutes (m).
  • Distance of the trip in miles (mi).

Note: An Alternative route may not always be available for every Actual route.

View Trip Details


Scroll below the Route accordion and click the Details accordion to view all trip information.

The Details accordion condenses all Trip table fields into one place for the selected trip. These fields include the following:

  • Vehicle Name displays an asset’s name pulled from Geotab.

  • License Plate displays both the state and number associated with an asset’s license plate.

  • Start Point is the GPS address where a trip started.

  • Start Date shows the date and time when the trip started.
  • End Point is the GPS address where a trip ended.

  • End Date shows the date and time when the trip ended.
  • Trip Distance is shown in miles.

  • Trip Duration is shown in days, hours, and minutes.

  • GPS Tolls is the summation of all tolls calculated by tollogic™ using GPS telematics.

  • Billed Tolls is the summation of all tolls from uploaded documents, matched to this trip
  • Vehicle Axles specifies the number of axles for the asset that completed the trip.

  • Tag Type shows the agency responsible for the toll transponder inside the asset.

  • Trip ID is a unique ID generated by tollogic™.

  • GPS Reliability is a rating based on the number of times the GPS telematics device is successfully pinged per minute and per kilometer. If the GPS telematics device onboard an asset is not read frequently enough per minute or per kilometer, the trip will have a LOW GPS Reliability rating.

View Trip Transactions

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 9.36.27 AM

The Transactions accordion is located below the Details accordion. Here you can view further details regarding each toll charged during the selected Trip. If a relevant toll document has been successfully uploaded and matched, the Billed tolls will also be displayed here.

Using the GPS location of your assets, tollogic™ can determine the plaza name, location, and toll amount in near real-time.

For both GPS Calculated Tolls and Billed Tolls, the following details are displayed:

  • Date/Time of the toll transaction
  • State where the toll occurred
  • Agency the toll is charged by
  • Plaza where the toll was charged
  • Amount charged

Note: The timezone displayed is with respect to the individual asset’s timezone at the time of incurring the toll.