How do I edit details of an asset?

You can edit details of an asset by clicking any asset row from the Fleet table.

Navigate to Fleet

To view the fleet information, click the Fleet tab in the top menu.

Edit Asset Information


Find the asset you would like to edit from the Fleet table, then click anywhere on the asset row. A window with four tabs, viz. Details, Trips, History, and Alerts will appear on the screen. The Details section is the default screen of the window.

To update a value in a field, replace the existing value with the new value either by selecting an option from the dropdown or entering a value manually

Click the Save button in the bottom-right corner after making the changes.

Note: Depending on your user role, you may not be allowed to edit all the fields.

Add Additional Tag/Transponder


You can add information about an additional tag or transponder linked to the selected asset. Click the Toll Device button to add a new row.

Enter tag or transponder number, select issuing agency and tag type, and click Save.

The issuing agencies taglogic, BestPass, PrePass, and Verra Mobility are toll consolidators, and their default tag type is "Third Party". Third-party toll devices typically consist of multiple child devices for each tolling region in the U.S. The parent tag for consolidators can only be added during the onboarding process. tollogicâ„¢ will automatically determine the child tag details based on toll documents uploaded.