How do I add a user to an account?

You can add a new user under the 'Users' accordion on the Account Settings page.

When you assign a role to a new user, that user has permissions based on the assigned role available in the tollogic™ account. You may want to consider assigning users the different roles depending on the tasks they are expected to perform.

Navigate to Account Settings


Click Settings in the top menu bar.

Note: Only admin users can access the Account Settings page.

View Users Accordion


Click the Users accordion under Account Settings.

Add New User


Click + Add new user in the top right corner of the Users accordion, above the table.


Complete the following fields with the new user's credentials:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • E-mail

  • Password

  • Role

After completing the above fields, click the Create User button to proceed.



A success message box will appear to confirm the user has been added. Click Continue to return to the Users page.

The new user should receive an email with login instructions.

Note: If the new user has trouble receiving the email, make sure it is not in their spam box then contact support.