How are time zones calculated in trips?

Trip details are displayed in the asset's local time zone.

Trip Time Zones

Your vehicle can drive through multiple time zones during a trip depending on the route travelled. Therefore, a trip’s start and end times are recorded based on the local time zones your asset passes through along the route. These timestamps may differ from that of your computer's time zone.

If your vehicle starts a trip in New York and ends it in California, for example, the trip start date and time will be recorded in Eastern Time and the trip end will be recorded in Pacific Time.      

Toll Transaction Time Zones

The transaction date and time of tolls charged to your vehicle are recorded as per the local time zones of the vehicle during a trip. GPS Calculated Toll transactions will reflect the local date and time of your vehicle as it crosses a toll plaza.

If your vehicle crosses a toll plaza in Texas during a trip, for example, the GPS Calculated Toll will show the transaction date and time of the toll in Central Time.