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Introducing tollogic™
Connecting Logic and Motion

Fleets that toll know that dealing with tolls can be costly, complicated, and time-consuming.  With toll networks using different technologies, national interoperability still off into the future, and complex fee structures, at best it's a challenge to navigate but more often than not fleet managers have no choice other than "just paying the bill". That's where tollogic™ comes in, an advanced analytics platform designed to help fleets make data-driven decisions.

Advanced Analytics & Dashboards

Make Data-driven decisions

  • Money saving Insights & Alerts, optimizes discounts and promotes cost avoidance strategies
  • Consolidated view of your fleet’s tolling activity regardless of region, issuer or toll type
  • Ability to validate and reconcile  toll statements while identifying incorrect and overcharges
  • Information readily available to win disputes and get in front of the conditions that lead to costly violations


GPS Based Toll Calculation

Toll estimation in near real-time

  • Nationwide  coverage across all major toll networks
  • Continuous pairing of your fleet’s telematics &  tolling data
  • Trip level toll summary with toll level details
  • Expedite reimbursements and improve budgeting

Toll Based Routing

Determine the real value when purchasing tolls

  • Know where all your drivers are tolling at any given time
  • Actuals to alternate route comparison
  • Identify less expensive, alternative routes to the ones you are currently taking
  • Unauthorized Use Detection

Our Mission

commercelogic™ is tackling the transportation industry’s biggest tolling-related pain points with data driven solutions and services to reduce the ever-increasing cost and administrative burden of today’s tolling B2B transactions.

Nationwide coverage of all major tolling networks and growing


Ensuring timely and accurate toll reporting is pivotal for recouping our toll expenses from a reimbursement process. Previously we accomplished this process digging through toll records that added layers to our administrative tasks. However, once we crossed paths with tollogic™ this changed.  Commercelogic understands the nuance of our challenge and is able to provide us with data that reduces our administrative burden and allows us to recoup our toll expenses quickly and efficiently.  In 2023, we reduced our toll processing time by 66% over the prior year.   With tollogic™ we're making sharper decisions while managing and fine-tuning our toll costs more quickly and accurately."
Carmen Ramos
Director of IT & Accounting Manager, Spoerl Trucking